Bronya is the third boss in the game.


Appears in stage 11-16 and as a weekly boss. When beaten, she drops the Plank set.


Bronya is immune to all damage as long as her shield is up and can only be damaged when she's attacking. She has 4 attacks.

Shield Bash

When the player is close to Bronya, she will you her shield to bash the player, dealing damage and knocking them back. This attack has nearly no cooldown and can be used continuously as long as the target is in range.

Grenade Launcher

Bronya shoots an explosive grenade at the player at regular interval. The grenade has a minimum range to be launched. If the player is close enough to Bronya the grenade will go over them but the player will be vulnerable to shield bash.

Laser Slash

Bronya draws a laser sword and dash horizontally at extreme speed, dealing massive damage and inflict confusion. May use ion cannon right after.

Ion Cannon

Bronya floats, drawing out a massive cannon and releasing a giant beam which damage the player continuously and stunning them, Bronya will also chase after the player at low speed. This attacks can kill the player instantly when hit. Note that Bronya cannot turn while using this, so she is very vulnerable if the player manage to get behind her.


Like Snow Fox, reading Bronya's pose will aid the player greatly. As Bronya is vulnerable for a very limited time, so grenade, shotgun, rocket launcher are recommended. Melee weapons are highly not recommended due to shield bash( with the exception of slash beam weapons, which can act as a long ranged weapon). Decoys are a must in this fight. Set up the decoy and get behind Bronya, then deal as much damage as you can while she's busy with the decoy. Keep distance to avoid shield bash but getting to far from Bronya and the player may get caught in her Ion cannon. Bronya's attack has long cooldown so healing potion should be carried instead of healing spray.

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