CrimsonHell is one of numerous equip sets in game. This set is focus on use of PinkFire state, a state debuff that applied from all its weapon. It has most damage potential in shortest time but outclassed if fight prolonged. In any case, this set user must be caution and watch every second on their HP as 2 out of 4 weapon use HP along with ammo to fire.


This weapon is mostly base from Japanese culture, with Sakura world boss as it main focus. This lead to kimono-like uniform and furry weapon, also katana-like blade that Sakura herself wield.

Unique Ability

This set applied PinkFire state debuff which isn't negative on it own, render Rainbow Shield elite skill useless, make this debuff somewhat useful. Combine with the fact that 3 of 4 weapons has ability to applied this debuff and 1 of 2 uniform also able to applied debuff to zombie nearby, make this set more potent in term of both crowd control and single target elimination.


  • 2 out of 4 weapons use HP to fire and not very damaging.
  • Basic uniform is useless if player didn't careful. it damage reduction isn't high so it useless against tough zombies.
  • DemonBlade/SpiritBlade is only way to increase usefulness of this set. As is increase HP gain from CrimsonHell Descend can make Player able to withstand some punishing blow.


I recommend only 3 from 6 equip in this set. That is Sakura Blade, CrimsonHell Descend and Sakura Painting. All of which can by use well in any other set. But be sure to pair Sakura Blade with CrimsonHell Descend, it will provide both damage and survival chance.