The equip post includes items such as Super Cat Kings, refine feathers, materials or sometimes awaken materials. Exchange items using weapon tokens.




Here can you find many powerful 6★ equips. You may use 100 crystals to refresh the list.

The list will be refreshed automatically at 11pm (GMT +7) everyday. It's recommended that you charge your VIP upto 5 to get a free refresh perday.

You can also exchange Dragon Jade, Summer Night, Diva Guitar for 8000 tokens here.

Weapon post

Everything Store

At the Everything Store you can get almost any materials, such as Cat Kings, Super Cat King, Queen Succubus, Double rainbows and many other items.

Awaken materials are always here and can be exchanged by 3000 Forgotten Stones.

Forgotten stones can be farmed from events.

Everything store

Everything store


Where you dismantle your items, gives you 1000 tokens back. Awakened items will give you 2000 instead ( another 1000 for their souls..).

Some Cat Jings will be returned. If the item has diamonds, the amount of globes will be returned too. Any add level will change into 1★ equipment with the same add level.

You can't dismantle items that are locked or equiped.


Retrieve Items

Any dismantled item will be stored here, allow you to get them back with 1060 tokens in 7 days except some Special items.

  • Special items are items that can't be retrieved by yourself. The game warns you everytime you dismane them (see picture below)

Retrieved items will have the same star as when you got them.

You have 5 chances to retrieve items everymonth.