Once players reach lvl 10, they can apply to join a guild. 

Here is what a guild page looks like:

Screenshot 2017-06-29-20-31-29

Screenshot 2017-06-29-20-31-41

Everyday, you can claim bonus STA and rewards based on the guild's level and daily accumulated activeness.

There are many different position in a guild:

- Leader: can choose Acting Leader, Officer, change Guild's motto, change and upgrade Guild's badge, send message to all members, kick members.

- Acting Leader: represent the leader, can do all of the above except for choosing Acting Leader.

- Officer: can kick members, and accept new application to the guild.

Guild members gain 1 contribution point for every 1 STA spent, which also increases guild experience points.

The maximum level for a guild is 40. The maximum number of guild members also increases with guild level.

Guild members also have access to the Guild Store:

Guns Girl 2017-03-28-18-26-01

Members can spend their contribution points to purchase items in the Guild Store (low level Guilds will have less items to purchase).

Contribution Points and Guild Store purchase limits reset every week.

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