The home category shows your kizuna and what they are saying. Also, you can see a pop-up when you tapped your gauge at the upper left corner. It shows a background showing a computer in the home section.


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Home Page

There are kizunas that their face is animated or even body gestures are animated but there is also static which only the texts are the ones that change.

These are the list of Kizunas with animations so far:

  • Dawn Star (face animations)
  • Lazy Dolly (face animations)
  • Kiana (face animations)
  • Seele (full animations)
  • Sakura (full animations)

Most kizunas that are not included in the list are only with text animations.


Screenshot 2017-07-18-17-15-20

Example of ID card when you tapped the gauge.

When you tapped the gauge at the upper left, you can see the STA recovery time (note you can't able to check Double STA recovery time), the amount of EXP needed to level up, and your 8-digit ID. This allows you check, screenshot your ID and posting it, inviting to add you as a buddy or to memorize it and spread it to any person you want to add as your buddy.

From the start of version 4.0, the pop-up window has been changed and enhanced. Players can now see the guild, the last login and their weapons that they always use. And also, they named it now as an ID card.

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