Kiana Kaslana
Kiana Kaslana
Main Character

Main character never dies! (None)


Senba High Freshman


Have light blue eyes color with white hair.


Love Raiden Mei

 Kiana Kaslana is the starting character of Guns Girl - School Day Z. She is voiced by :
  • Rie Kugimiya(JP).
  • Shanxin(CN).


After a sudden event that turned everyone into zombies, Kiana discovers the culprit which she identifies as the Source. With no allies beside her weapons, she sets off from the school to find and eliminate the Source while fighting off her schoolmate who have become zombies.

Official Description

Kiana Kaslana is the descendant of the Kaslana Clan, she is also the descendant of the Destined one. She is a sorceress who knows a great deal about the Apocalypse. She is not affected by the Source Energy due to the clan's immunity.

  • Birthday : December 7.
  • Age : 16.
  • Height : 161cm.
  • Weight : 48kg.
  • Three Sizes : 84-59-86cm.


She is very brave and determined and always care for her friends. A pervert.

In-game Statistics