How to Obtain

  • Each Silvalier Set item will be available in Daily Login reward list each month, between 2016 and 2017 so far.
  • Uncommon drops from Bloodline gacha.
  • Rare drops in story mode from chapter 13 to end of chapter 16. 


  • An excellent Auto Rifle to replace most 5* Grade free Auto Rifles and *6 Grade gacha Auto Rifles thanks to the powerful poisoning effect and slightly better firing speed.
  • Extremely effective against any target equipped with Crystalize buff, unless if the target also equipped with Rainbow Shield, etc.
  • An extra careful usage is required against target equipped with Stab buff, as it affects player's health as well when the poisoning effect and Stab effect occurs simultaneously, especially when you have Suicidal Explosive and other self-sacrifice badges equipped on your build.


This weapon is one of Sivalier series items which is released to put V-Set series items 'out of comission'. Ironically you'll still ends up obtains V-Set series items more often instead Sivalier's from opening Gachas.

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